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National Adoption Month

Love Without Limits

This November, we’re challenging you to share love without limits and help us  raising raise support to continue our mission of creating bright futures through adoption.

Join us here on Throughout November to honor National Adoption Month and keep scrolling to find out how you can get involved.

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I’m very excited to have a family, and I think that’s what the biggest thing that everybody needs is a family. No matter if they’re a teenager or a kid, everybody needs a family.

Andrea & Matt

Not everyone can afford to adopt, and not everyone who can afford to adopt is called to adopt. We knew adoption would only be possible for our family if we gathered financial support from family, friends, and other donors. Because of the financial support we received, we always had the money needed to pay for every step in our adoption process, including the extra expenses needed because of our travel during COVID-19. Giving to support adoption is never a bad decision. The lives that are impacted because of your giving are absolutely worth it!

If you are considering the possibility of adopting a child, I would say, “Will there be challenges? Yes, absolutely. Will the process seem long and difficult at times? Sure. If you feel led to adoption, there is a reason. Sometimes you just have to step forward in faith and push fear to the side.

When we filled out the application to adopt, we were prepared for a one-week-long trip to Taiwan (possibly two, one-week-long trips if we were asked to travel for court). In January 2020, we started to hear stories about the coronavirus in China, and we began to wonder if and how that might affect our adoption travel. We were getting closer to receiving our civil ruling and realized that our travel might be delayed. There was some fear and anxiety about how the pandemic would affect our adoption process. Along with the rest of the world, we would have never imagined it would lead to a global pandemic and redefine just about everything in our lives.

When we found out we’d be able to travel in July 2020 and we’d have to be gone for a month, we never hesitated. There were definitely some obstacles that stood in our way. We have two children, who had to stay at home because they didn’t have passports. We lined up childcare, discussed the details of our trip, and set up daily Zoom calls with them. Our amazing family and friends stepped up to be “our village” and took care of our girls for the month we were away. While leaving them was one of the most difficult parts, they were brave, and they sent us off knowing we’d soon bring their little brother home.

We were the first Gladney family to travel during COVID-19. We flew out of Nashville, Tennessee, the evening of July 4th and arrived at LAX just in time to witness an unforgettable display of fireworks. We made our way to the EVA Air terminal and handed them our COVID-19 test results. (Getting COVID-19 test results within the 72-hour window was one of the most stressful parts of travel.) We boarded the flight to Taiwan around midnight. Once we arrived in Taiwan, it took a while to get through some quarantine checkpoints, immigration, and baggage claim (where they had sprayed our luggage with disinfection spray). We purchased a new SIM card, so we could be contacted by the Taiwanese government during quarantine. Then we made our way to the quarantine taxi, where they loaded our luggage as they sprayed us, all the way from our necks down to the soles of our shoes. Once we arrived at the quarantine hotel in the Beitou district, we were dropped off at the basement entrance and then sent up to our separate hotel rooms. We had a stunning view of the mountains. We spent 15 days in quarantine. We couldn’t leave our rooms or open windows for fresh air. Our meals were delivered to our doors three times a day. Uber Eats, Bubble Tea, Zooming with friends and family, workouts, and remote work helped us through some of those long quarantine days. But it would all eventually be worth it.

Once the 15-day quarantine came to an end, we spent 7 days in self-health management. We transitioned to another hotel in Taipei located near the Taipei 101. During those 7 days, we experienced so much of Taiwan’s culture, heritage, and beauty. Honestly, our experiences during that week made the extended trip (because of COVID-19) worth it. We came away from that week much more knowledgeable about our son’s birth country, after spending time touring with our guide and Mr. Yeh, our driver. It was truly an unforgettable week! Then during our final week in-country, we took placement of our new son, Max—another unforgettable experience! The little boy we had grown to love over Skype calls each month was finally a part of our family. We took him to the Taipei Zoo, played bubbles in a nearby park, and took him for his very first swim in the hotel pool.

We are grateful for the clear communication we received from Gladney throughout the whole process leading up to travel and while we were there. There were times when we were anxiously awaiting information related to travel, but it usually meant Gladney did not have all the information yet. When they did, they quickly and effectively communicated what we needed to know, when we needed it. We were thankful they didn’t give us speculation, only facts as they knew them. We had easy access to Mary Chapman, our Gladney Caseworker, as well as Gongzhan Wu, Vice President & Executive Director of Gladney’s Asia programs. They checked in frequently to see if we were making it through each step of the travel process until we arrived at our destination. Once in Taiwan, we were in contact with a local guide and contacted by Mark Melson, Gladney’s President, to discuss our travel experience during COVID-19. We couldn’t have asked for a smoother travel process, regardless of all of the obstacles that were in the way of us picking up our son, Max. Face masks, social distancing, nearly empty planes and airports, temperature checks, COVID-19 testing, extra medical paperwork, and a 15-day quarantine made for a memorable travel experience. The lengthened stay in Taiwan allowed us to experience much more of our son’s birth country, and for that, we are thankful.


Being adopted changed my perspective about life. I feel lucky because I have the ability to step back and see the world in a different way. By being adopted. I was given a second chance. Yes, being adopted has had its challenges, but I also know where I started. Adoption gives me the desire to do something bigger than myself with my future and a dream I wake up to every morning.


When one is adopted, it is a blessing from the Lord. My birth mother chose adoption and life with a loving family. She blessed me with all her love when she did that. I was given a life where I could grow and experience so many special opportunities. I have a loving family who has gone through great strides to help me and give me a life where I can really grow and experience all that life has to offer.


During our first adoption, we were working with another agency to adopt from Colombia. That agency failed to get Hague accredited, and we were stuck in limbo. Our caseworker with that agency presented our file to Gladney, and Gladney adopted us into their Colombia adoption program. Thanks to that transition, we now have 3 beautiful kids: 1 from Colombia and 2 from domestic infant adoption.

In our domestic infant adoption process, I remember going through 2 failed matches and feeling defeated and hopeless. Our caseworker kept reassuring us that it would happen—she was the only one reminding us to keep our eyes on the prize. She was our biggest ally and the one feeding us faith. I still remember “the call” like it was yesterday: Our caseworker, Jennifer, said, “Congrats! You have a daughter, and she has a twin sister.” A 2 year wait, 2 failed matches, and then twin girls at the end of the rainbow!

Adoption is not for the faint of heart. It is a journey that touches every part of your soul … a journey that has incredible lows and the biggest high of your life. Adoption is a journey of self-discovery that tests the limits of your patience, and when you think you can’t anymore, it turns your world upside down with the biggest gift of love one can receive.

Kristi & David (Benjamin)

When you get “the call,” it begins a whirlwind of emotions: joy beyond words, fear of not being a great parent, and heartbreak for the birth mother who is giving you a gift that can never be repaid. We met Ben when he was four days old. His birth mother and birth grandmother were both there. We cannot imagine the emotions his birth mother was feeling, as she handed this bundle of a boy to us — the faith and trust it must have taken for her to entrust her child to us. Through years of pictures and letters, we were able to include her in his childhood, culminating in a reunion when Ben was 18. What a feeling to come full circle and show her who Ben has become all because of her selfless choice years before.

Chelsea & Daniel (Lola)

Having Lola in our lives has changed all of us for the better. Lola has Angelman syndrome, so she faces developmental challenges daily. She has physical delays, as well as significant speech delays. We are navigating through therapies and adaptive equipment to give her the absolute best opportunities to grow and get stronger.

Because of Lola, her siblings understand love in a whole new way — a deeper and more profound way. They’re learning how to advocate for her, which has given them new eyes to see others around them for who they are. We have been blessed with seeing the world through Lola’s eyes, and it’s a glorious, joyful, fun world. Lola has taught us all how to love more freely and fight harder for each other. We cannot imagine our lives without her.

Colleen And Kevin (Kassidy)

Chuck Danes’ quote, “Brothers and sisters separated by distance, joined by love” is meaningful to us. Love is what brought our family together. From day one, we knew Kassidy was the perfect fit for our family. We also knew there would be challenges adopting out of birth order. What we didn’t know is that Kassidy and Calvin didn’t care about conventional wisdom. The bond that has formed between the two of them continues to amaze us every day. We’re convinced that being quarantined together has only strengthened that bond.

Jessica & Courtney (Olivia)

Prior to applying to adopt through Gladney, we researched open adoptions and transracial adoptions as much as we could. On top of the typical questions about the adoption process, we asked ourselves, “Are we equipped to parent a child of another race? Are we willing to go outside of our comfort zone to become a multi-racial family and all that entails? How exactly do we navigate an open adoption, and what if it all goes wrong?”

Raising children of color in today’s society is not an easy feat, especially if you are White because you do not have the perspective of a person of color.

Olivia will be 10 years old soon. She is a proud Black girl, and she will tell you just that. She loves the richness of her skin color and her bouncy curls, and she knows she comes from a line of strong and resilient people. Outside of our house, the message is not always so positive.

There is no handbook for White parents parenting a child of color. We have to first and foremost, listen—listen to Black and Brown peoples’ perspectives. We must also engage in uncomfortable conversations with White friends and family. This is the hardest piece and an area we can always improve on.

We do not have all the answers, and that’s okay. We are constantly evolving and becoming better parents to our children, no matter how many layers adoption presents.


Five years ago, I placed my daughter for adoption. You would think what I remember most would be the day I signed the papers but, surprisingly, it’s not. The day I remember most vividly is when I met the adoptive parents.

We were all nervous, I’m sure. I remember being in a sea of people, just watching and waiting for the faces that I had seen on repeat in their “about us” video. They walked in, both tall and gorgeous, and exactly what I expected.

I remember standing outside after lunch and asking the adoptive mother if she would be in the delivery room. I remember the tears, pain, and joy all in one single moment. If there was ever a moment that described adoption perfectly, that was it—beautiful, full of love, and full of pain.

I always get asked if I’d go back and do it all over again, and my answer is always, “100%, yes.” Adoption has filled my heart in ways I couldn’t have imagined. Along with giving my child parents who can provide more for her than I could at the time, I also gave her a community to lean on that so many don’t experience.


Maile & Jeremy (Hannah)

We see the world is beginning to embrace people with disabilities, and we believe their futures look brighter than ever. Hannah has our family, who will support her every step of the way. We are her advocates, her voice (if she needs one), and her cheerleaders. She will always know she is loved.

The donations that were made for our adoption helped us so much. It took away the burden of the cost. Providing for a child day in a day out is very different than coming up with thousands of dollars for adoption fees. We are so grateful for the help we got and could not have said, “yes,” to Hannah without it.

Family is the group of people who love you and support you all the days of your life. Sometimes family is made up of people who are blood related, but blood is not a requirement. There is an intimacy with family that exists in no other group. You are free to be yourself, free to have strengths that can be praised, and free to have weaknesses that can be embraced. In our home, very few of us are blood related. We have learned along the way that it just doesn’t matter. We are family because we have chosen to love each other day in and day out. Through the good times and the bad, we are each other’s safe place.

Mandy And Ray (Eli)

We adopted Eli two weeks prior to COVID-19 restrictions, and the quality time we have had to get to know each other has been amazing.

My husband is a first responder, and I also have an essential job, so our time together as a family has been after work and on the weekends. We cook, bake, take long walks through our neighborhood, attend virtual church, have movie nights, and play outside together. We have learned more about each other through this time than we could have ever imagined or planned for. It has been amazing to see the world through Eli’s eyes. He is doing and experiencing so many things for the first time, and it has made us step back and reflect on the little things in life


Over the years, I have had to answer questions about my
family because we don’t look the same. It has given me the chance to talk about adoption with my friends and potentially open their eyes to how adoption is a choice over other alternatives. I love my family, and I’m proud to have adoption as part of my life story.


When I chose Gladney to go through the adoption process with me, I moved into Gladney’s dorm. The staff was absolutely amazing, and being with other expectant moms in the dorm let me know I wasn’t alone. Still to this day, I keep in touch with all of them. If it wasn’t for Gladney, I wouldn’t be able to sit
here and tell you my story. I don’t know where I would be without Gladney.

This journey of being a birth mother has taught me that if I can make a big decision and give up everything to make sure my little girl is safe, I can do and get through anything life throws at me. Adoption is a part of my life, and it’s a part of who I am! Adoption is the most selfless choice a mother can make.

Stacey & David (Catherine & Ryan)

We both had always dreamed of being parents. We believed our family began when we got married, but we knew it wasn’t meant to stay a family of two.

We added Catherine to our family in 2012 and Ryan in 2014. Since then, we’ve learned so much about each other, our children, our parenting styles, and sticking together through it all. Family means laughing together, crying together, doing hard things together, and never giving up on each other.

Tanya & Jason

When we met our teen daughter, she wore the same clothing daily, wasn’t practicing good hygiene, barely made eye contact or smiled, and her grades the past few years had been failing or barely passing. She didn’t believe she deserved more in life, didn’t know what it was like to be taken care of, and didn’t care about school.

Within a year, she not only learned to care about her appearance and her grades, but she began excitedly talking about her future, which college she might want to attend, and what career paths interested her. She made friends. She got into the
Gifted & Talented program, and she won a Student of the Year award in math.

Being there as our daughter has tried new things, experienced a stable life for the first time, and worked hard to create a bright future for herself has been one of the most rewarding experiences of our lives.