6 Adoption Stories You Should Read

Whatever your connection to adoption is, whether you’re an adoptive parent, hopeful adoptive parent, birth parent, adoptee, or part of the support system for any of the above, reading the adoption stories of others can be a fabulous way to connect with this village and learn. No two stories are exactly the same, yet every single one has something we can take away from it that will allow us to grow and hopefully make this journey a more positive, supportive, and ethical one for all. Below are six different adoption stories from all different perspectives. These stories are meant to show the wide array of perspectives and experiences of those involved with adoption; no one story is better or more correct than another. They are just differing.

1) Scott Carney shares the oft-ignored side of international adoption in this 2009 article titled “The Dark Side of Overseas Adoption.” While most international adoptions are done in an ethical manner, we cannot deny the evidence that unfortunately not everyone fits that bill, and learning about experiences like these can help to lessen the occurrence of unethical adoptions by bringing these practices out into the open.

2) In “Heartbreak, Hope, and Healing: Birth Mother Tells Her Adoption Story,” Today contributor Kavita Varma-White tells the story of Callie Mitchell (the now 30-year-old birth mother of Leo Doud) who placed her child for adoption while she was a student at the University of Iowa and tells the associated occurrences and emotions of her experience. 

3) A 2015 article published by the Huffington Post shares the experience of adoptee, Madeleine Melcher, and what she wishes people knew and understood about adoption from a perspective we don’t hear enough about.  

4) Author, blogger, and transracial adoption extraordinaire Rachel Garlinghouse regularly shares her experiences with adoption and parenting on her blog White Sugar, Brown Sugar and social media accounts by the same name. While she has opted to withhold the specific details surrounding her children’s adoption stories to maintain privacy, she is a wealth of information on all things pertaining to raising children of a different race in today’s not-always-welcoming society.  

5) In “Big, Happy Family: How a Family with Seven Kids Makes It All Work,” Today contributor Courtney Gisriel highlights the Braniff family. CR and Angela have seven children who came to the family through biology, adoption, and embryo adoption.  

6) People Magazine contributor Charlotte Triggs shares the hope-filled story of Today anchor Hoda Kotb who adopted her daughter, Haley Joy, last year at the age of 52 after a battle with breast cancer left her unable to have a child.

What adoption story that you’ve come across is your favorite? Take a moment to share it with us in the comments!

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